Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Table Long Term Unemployed

Education Level% of Labor Force at that education level% of Unemployed at that education level% of Long-term unemployed at that education levelAverage (mean) length of unemployment at that education level in weeks
AgeALL (25+)25 to 4445+ALL (25+)25 to 4445+ALL (25+)25 to 4445+ALL (25+)25 to 4445+
No High School8.8%9.7%7.9%16.8% ?(2)?15.3%17.6%12.9%30.028.332.9
High School29.1%27.5%30.9%38.0%??38.6%38.8%37.3%32.330.135.2
Some College(1)27.6%27.9%27.2%26.4%??26.8%27.2%26.4%32.830.136.4
BA or higher33.6%34.9%33.9%18.8%?? 19.8%16.4%23.4%32.829.236.2
See Calculated Risk Post: Older, more educated workers, have highest length of unemployment

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